TWHBEA Tennessee Walker
9 years old
15 hands
Price: $5,000 CAD plus GST

Kasey is a really well-bred chestnut sabino gelding from T W Ranch in Manitoba. He grew up roaming the hills and river valley of his home. The T W Ranch breeding program puts hardy, easy gaited, and good minded horses on the ground. Kasey's sire is NFF It's Murphy Law, a IHWHA stallion from the United States. On his dam line, he goes back to Williams Kodiak, a great Canadian breeding stallion and one of my favourites.

Kasey has a big walk with lots of head shake and over stride and an easy canter. He has been ridden with dogs, pulled skiers and sleds, has been exposed to gunfire, tarps, etc. Kasey has been ridden alone and in groups. However he is not for a beginner rider. He will need a confident and knowledgeable rider. When Kasey gets worried or scared, he tends to scoot forward. He is very easy to stop and has been trained using the one rein stop method. When Steeve rides him, he is able to answer Kasey's questions with the twitch of a finger, but he has extremely good timing and feel. With Emilee and myself, he gets three to four steps forward.

Kasey has excellent ground manners and basically catches himself. He is good for the farrier and has been hauled to local trails. If you would like to come meet Kasey, please contact us directly.