Darryl Sutter

11 November 2020

We always broke our horses the old fashioned way-get bucked off, get back on and just keep going and put the miles on them. Now that I’m in my 60’s , getting bucked off and being laid up is not part of the deal. Was very lucky to be able to send 4 yr old QH we raised to Steve to work with, Gentle, Firm,Thorough, Honest is what we’re all looking for. Steve and Jess got all of that in Spades. Darryl Sutter

Irene van der Kloet

12 October 2020

I recently bought a horse from Steve and Jessica and I could not have had a better experience. They are both very kind people, and knowledgeable about their horses. They told me several personality traits about “Moca” and with hindsight I can tell they were 100% right. The horse is exactly as they said she is. In addition, they were more than kind to take her to their local vet for a Coggins test (at my request) and have been overall kind, personable and forthcoming. I immediately had a good vibe when I met them and was never disappointed. If you are looking to buy a horse, you don’t just buy any horse, they know their horses and will want to get to know you as prospective owner. This is definitely the place to go to buy a horse!

Lennor Skuce

12 September 2020

I would like to thank Jesseca and Steeve for setting me up with the perfect partner. I live to far away to come and check her out for myself . I told them what I needed in a horse and they set me up with a fantastic mare Frost. I have an acquired brain injury which leaves me with severe short term memory loss and it can be trying to work with me asking questions over and over they never once got frustrated with me. I couldn't be more satisfied thankyou Jesseca and Steeve.

Carol Gjesdal

3 May 2020

In looking for my new trail partner I came across Double J Training & Sales website. I sent an email to inquire about a horse and what I ended up with was exactly what was advertised and some. Steeve and Jessica have passed on a lovely mare with many talents and a level head. Their philosophy on what one needs in a trail horse closely matched my own, but this horse surpassed my expectations on arrival. Ami arrived in the dark of night after a long two day trailer journey from Alberta to Vancouver Island. She walked down our long driveway past a flock of sheep, an electric fence and a random assortment of unknown to her items. She remained alert but calm the whole way. She settled in over the next couple of days meeting the pigs, free range chickens and dogs without issue. She greets me at the fence every time and is interested in everything I do at the barn. After letting her rest for a few days, I went out today for my first ride and was amazed – Ami is so well trained and responsive she is just a pleasure to ride. Steeve and Jessica I cannot thank you enough for providing what you say you will. It is such a good feeling to go out for a ride and have confidence in the horse I am riding. I was expecting a great ride but I was totally blown away – thank you, Carol

Kaya Kasook

3 Mar 2020

Jesseca and Steeve not only put the best start on young horses, their methods of training produce the safest most well rounded horses anyone can ask for. They also work with you during the training process to ensure you are 100% comfortable with the horse you are taking home. On top of all this they have also donated their time and expertise to our 4-H group. Thank you Steeve and Jess!

Jacqueline Smith 22 Jan 2020

I purchased 2 Broke Fox Trotters from Jesseca & Steve. I had saw a Kijiji ad on a Tennessee Walking Horse and decided to inquire. We chatted about what I was looking for in a horse and about ourselves Etc... on and off for about a week, they matched my daughter and I beautifully to our girls Frost and Hope! Jesseca and Steve are friendly, honest, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable! They both truly care about what they do and it shows in the product of their work! Our Mares Frost & Hope are outstanding! We couldn’t be happier! They are super friendly, very well trained and have excellent manners. Jesseca & Steve went over and above for us! We still keep in contact and they are always willing to answer any questions I may have. I am so thankful to have found them!

Lara Matechuk

15 June 2020

I would fully recommend DJ Training services. Jessica and Steve are a great team and a great balance. Training and tasks are individualized for each person and their equine partners abilities/level and understanding, yet you are challenged to take that one step farther. Their ability to pick up on the smallest of points that may throw your relationship with your equine partner off is amazing, at the same time they show you how the smallest action can reinforce that partnership. Very patient and understanding duo.

Kate Foisy

15 June 2020

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with these two wonderful people incase you are reading this and wondering if they are right for you! I started my training clinic last year at the wainwright Equine Center. I went into it with limited knowledge on training a horse but knew I had some things with my appy that needed attention. I was eager to learn and try anything that was thrown at me. We have worked with his fear of ropes and in a very short period of time I was able to tie ropes on him and drive him with myself in a sled behind him (see photo), going through water (a fear for him), the list is endless down to helping me put a bit in his mouth without any issues. I am beyond thankful for the knowledge I have gained from this series and that all of my questions were answered in depth in ways that I was able to understand. New to the horse world or a long time rider, I have no doubt in my mind that this team is able to provide you with some amazing tools. Thank you to DJ Training !! I look forward to working with you again in the future! ❤

Denise Hastings

14 June 2020

When researching possible trainers for a winter Training series, I found Double J Training. Based on their website and write-ups, I decided to contact Jesseca and Steeve. Boy was that the right decision. They were immediately interested in the concept and so it began!
What I was looking for was a trainer, in this case trainers, that would work with a couple of groups, as individual partnerships. Our horses and us. The training was to help some of us train young horses and find gaps in training on others. Steeve and Jesseca are such talented and intuitive trainers, who can “do” and “teach”, what they know. Adapting to each individual partnerships’ abilities and breaking the training elements down for better understanding. Helping us finding balance and confidence with our horses. You can tell they have a passion for what they do and the ability to pass & translate that knowledge on; always with encouragement and fun! Both my horse and myself have grown to be more cohesive partners, with better communication between us to be able to move forward with new challenges. And I look forward to continue learning from both Steeve and Jesseca.

Presley Hansen

1 May 2020

Had a wonderful experience with DJ training services !! I absolutely Loved the way my horse was treated and the care that was provided ! I came out several times to ride my horse and learn lots of information . I felt totally safe and cared for and well educated. I would highly recommend bringing ANY type of horse here for any discipline or confidence for yourself and your horse ! I feel very satisfied Thank you Jess and Steve !!! Xoxo 😘

Kaya Kasook

4 March 2020

Jesseca and Steeve not only put the best start on young horses, their methods of training produce the safest most well rounded horses anyone could ask for. they also work with you during the training process to ensure you are 100% comfortable with the horse you are taking home. On top of all this they have also donated their time and expertise to our 4-H group. Thank you Steeve and Jess!

Amy Bieraugle

6 Feb 2020

I took a horse to Jesseca and Steeve that had very little experience with people and zero exposure other than the pasture he was raised in. What I got back from them was a horse that is happy to be ridden and spend time with his human. He is comfortable in any situation and is a very willing partner in any new activity. Jesseca was able to bring out his gait that was barely detectable prior to working with her. I would take another horse to them anytime.

Cindy Thomas

6 Dec 2019

Both Steve and Jess are awesome to work with! They value taking the time to do things correctly, and have brought several of my horses to their full potential. Jess goes above and beyond with extra services, and Steve keep's in great contact. Id happily recommend these guys to anyone!

Kaya Kasook

18 Nov 2019

The Strathcona 4-H Rein Riders horse project group would like to thank Steeve and Jesseca of DJ Training Services for delivering such an amazing clinic for our group today. Every one of our young and not so young riders are looking forward to putting the concepts you taught them into practice!

Natalie R.

16 Sept 2019

Just before I met Steeve and Jesseca I had an accident, that shook my confidence tremendously. I came to them, looking for help to overcome my fears. Over the past year they helped me gain back my confidence, step by step. I entrusted Double J Training Services with two of my horses. They did a wonderful job on them. My colts turned out more confident, relaxed and started to think, rather than react. What I really want to point out is that they take every horses and riders individual need into consideration. The success I had with my horses speaks for itself. This summer I took my little mare on a couple parades. She was unshakeable. People couldn’t believe that she has never done it before. Then recently I participated in my very first canadian cowboy challenge with my young gelding. We had an amazing ride. He was totally relaxed through our whole performance. Considered the fact that a year ago I couldn’t even get into a saddle without having every single muscle in my body tensing up, I’ve come a long way since that, thanks to the help of Double J Training Services. I’m looking forward for my third colt to be started by Double J Training Services. They will do a great job. I’m sure of it.

Amy Prosek

11 Sept 2019

I highly recommend DJ Training Services Jesseca and Steve have been a huge help for my mare Snipper and I. I had went to their confidence on the trail clinic Jesseca and Steve I really loved how they were one on one with each horse and owner and very detailed and there was a lot of fun exercises for you and your horse! Towards the end of the clinic I felt I had a much better understanding of my mare Snipper and more of a happy willing partner!!😊 Huge thanks Steve and Jesseca

Rhonda Clark Bignell

20 May 2019

\With DJ Training Services, you are sure to have a solid foundation and plenty of practical miles on your horse, along with lots of follow-up and support near the end of your horse's training. Every horse is treated with respect and given excellent care. I highly recommend DJ Training Services for anyone looking to have their horse trained, whether it's a gaited horse or not.

Brian Maynard Connolly

6 May 2019

Awesome trainers. I highly recommend

Laurie E.

11 Nov 2018

I first met Jess and Steeve through my work place. They were and are easy to talk to about horses and life . I asked them to come over and my filly Cleo fell for Steve and my colt Streaker too. So I sent Streaker to them in June. I went and saw Streaker while he was there and learned what he was learning. My boy was only there 2 months and I could not be happier with how Streaker worked out. They helped me with my confidence so I could be a better ride and partner with him. I cannot say enough about these two they mean the world to me and my heart. I cannot wait for Cleo to go this May or June and see her blossom.

Mandee W.


Just got back from a perfect, awesome, amazing ride on my sweet boy Captain. Thanks for the hard work, he followed and led on a bush trail like a pro!

Arna E.


I came across Double J Training Services' add on Kijiji and gave them a call because their website said they specialized in Tennessee Walkers, my favourite breed. I had a 3 year old Walker mare that I had picked up who was essentially unhandled and had major trust issues to the point that she was dangerous to approach in the herd and handling her feet was out of the question. I sent Solo to Steeve and Jesseca for a 30 day assessment and the difference in that time was astounding. She progressed so well that I decided to leave her for another month to really see what she could do. By the end of the 60 days she was completely different horse. She was calm and relaxed while being caught, led and trimming feet, and even better she was going well under saddle, a feat I never expected given her former nature. Steeve and Jesseca were able to see past all the issues and found a willing and engaged partnership with my horse. I was so impressed with the bond they formed with this mare, gaining her trust and working with her, not against her that I sent another more mature Walker to them to work on her gait for registry in the International Heritage Walking Horse Association. Jesseca and Steeve worked with me as well as my horse to create the video for submission that got her registered. I cannot wait to see what they do with my new filly in the coming years! Thank you Double J Training for your hard work and dedication, my horses are wonderful riding partners because of your knowledge and understanding.

Kaya Kasook


My experience with Steeve and Jesseca has been absolutely amazing! I sent my Andalusian/Morgan cross to them for a light start as a 2 year old and they worked at giving him a solid foundation in groundwork and always made sure he understood what they were asking of him before moving on to new concepts. I sent Admiral back as a 3 year old to continue his start under saddle with high expectations and was not dissapointed. I wanted a sound trail partner and a horse that would handle himself well in new situations, and by exposing him to a wide variety of experiences with a firm, gentle and knowledgeable hand, that is exactly what I have. Not only did they do a fantastic job providing my horse with a solid foundation; they also spent many many hours working with me to help me as a nervous rider feel confident riding my young, green horse. I was made to feel very welcome every time I went to visit Admiral and Steeve and Jesseca always kept me up to date during his training with vidoes at every stage. I would highly recommend Double J Training Services to anyone who desires a solid and well balanced partner.

Shea E.


I have taken 2 horses to Double J Training Services. I could not be happier with their knowledge, experience and obvious love of horses. I took my 7 year old Andalusian mare to them for problem solving, she had major issues with trailering to the point I was very concerned she would be injured in the trailer. She also had issues standing still to be mounted and standing while being ridden. In 30 days I was amazed that my mare was calm and relaxed while hauling, no more jostling, kicking, sweating in the trailer. She also unloads and loads calmly and easily. Most importantly she is now completely safe to mount from the ground and will stand nicely when we decide to have a rest on the trail. I longer have any fear of her injuring herself or others while being handled. After this wonderful experience I have had a 3 year old quarter horse mare trained by them as well and she now has a beautiful foundation on her and I am confident she will make an excellent kids horse one day because of her great start. I was also blown away at the way my horses bonded with the trainers and were very obviously treated amazingly well during their stay. Thanks Steeve and Jesseca I couldn't be happier with your work and I would most definitely recommend Double J Training to anyone and any horse.

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