Jesseca and Steeve not only put the best start on young horses, their methods of training produce the safest most well rounded horses anyone can ask for. They also work with you during the training process to ensure you are 100% comfortable with the horse you are taking home. On top of all this they have also donated their time and expertise to our 4-H group. Thank you Steeve and Jess!

Kaya Kasook

3 Mar 2020

I purchased 2 Broke Fox Trotters from Jesseca & Steve. I had saw a Kijiji ad on a Tennessee Walking Horse and decided to inquire. We chatted about what I was looking for in a horse and about ourselves Etc... on and off for about a week, they matched my daughter and I beautifully to our girls Frost and Hope! Jesseca and Steve are friendly, honest, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable! They both truly care about what they do and it shows in the product of their work! Our Mares Frost & Hope are outstanding! We couldn’t be happier! They are super friendly, very well trained and have excellent manners. Jesseca & Steve went over and above for us! We still keep in contact and they are always willing to answer any questions I may have. I am so thankful to have found them!

Jacqueline Smith 22 Jan 2020

In looking for my new trail partner I came across Double J Training & Sales website. I sent an email to inquire about a horse and what I ended up with was exactly what was advertised and some. Steeve and Jessica have passed on a lovely mare with many talents and a level head. Their philosophy on what one needs in a trail horse closely matched my own, but this horse surpassed my expectations on arrival. Ami arrived in the dark of night after a long two day trailer journey from Alberta to Vancouver Island. She walked down our long driveway past a flock of sheep, an electric fence and a random assortment of unknown to her items. She remained alert but calm the whole way. She settled in over the next couple of days meeting the pigs, free range chickens and dogs without issue. She greets me at the fence every time and is interested in everything I do at the barn. After letting her rest for a few days, I went out today for my first ride and was amazed – Ami is so well trained and responsive she is just a pleasure to ride. Steeve and Jessica I cannot thank you enough for providing what you say you will. It is such a good feeling to go out for a ride and have confidence in the horse I am riding. I was expecting a great ride but I was totally blown away – thank you, Carol

Carol Gjesdal

3 May 2020

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