John Mule
Born May 30, 2022
Price: $5,000 CAD plus GST

Sedona was born on the morning of Monday, May 30 of 2022. His dam is TOG Irish Penny, a registered Colorado Ranger and his sire is Crosshair's Lonesome Junior. Sedona has beautiful long, straight legs and a face full of character. He is a solid, deep red colour; his dam has varnish in her coat that didn't show up until she was late in her third year, maybe he will too. Sedona shows beautiful movement when out in the pasture. Our family couldn't be happier with how he turned out. He is curious, thoughtful and very playful. His dam is friendly and she is showing him what us humans are good for, scratches! Steeve and I have raised Sedona's dam for the last two years. She is a sweet, well mannered mare with beautiful movement. She seems to have passed that along to her first foal.

Sedona is being offered for sale only because we have decided to take our breeding program in a different direction.  Please give me a call if you'd like to meet Sedona or know more about him. A deposit of 10% will hold him until he is old enough to be weaned.