IHWHA, CRTWH & TWHBEA Registered Tennessee Walking Horse

6 years old

15 hands

Price: $12,500 CAD plus GST

LL Chance's Red Rascal, known as Jack is the horse everyone wants to ride and the videos prove it. Emilee, Steeve and myself all vie to be the one spending time with him. Jack came here two years ago for training as a four year old breeding stallion. We purchased Jack for our pack string this spring the second his breeder offered him to us.


Right from the start Jack's mind was his best attribute. He demonstrates easy trainability that his old bloodlines are known for. Not only is he trainable, but he remembers everything he is taught and requires little to no maintenance between rides. He has proven to be the kind of horse who can sit in the pasture for a year and go for a trail ride without any shenanigans or warm up. 

His mind is fantastic, however that's not all he has going for him. Jack has achieved his Bronze and Silver in the Program For Excellence with the CRTWH and he has been gait certified by the IHWHA. These were all achieved while he was here for training as a four-year-old. Jack is now working towards his Gold in the PFE. 

Jack is not tall but he has thick bone, a deep chest and a smooth gait that requires little effort on his riders part. Jack is part of our four horse team going into the Willmore Wilderness for our annual two week pack trip at the end of July.

Jack has been gelded for well over a year now. He catches himself, is good for the farrier and self loads in the trailer. He loves to be pampered on and hang out with his people. This horse will really get you in the feels! Jack will be sold to an approved, forever home. He is very special to us and his breeder, to put it bluntly, if we didn't already have our own saddle horses, Jack would never leave.