Registered Morgan

6 years old

 14 hands


Price: $5,500

Hope is a sweet and beautiful mare and is sure to steal your heart! This wonderful girl is as sweet and consistent as they come. This horse is a constant pleasure to be around and ride. She loves her people and loves attention. She will be a great companion and a wonderful teammate. Hope would be perfectly suited for almost anyone to ride.. Hope enjoys trail riding and exploring the country side, she sure is the type of horse you can rely on. She has plenty of arena experience and has also been used on the ranch. She feels right at home on the trail. She is super soft as well! Responsive and willing she will really give you the ride you are looking for. She has a calm mind and like all our horses has learned through our training program to manage her own anxiety. Flag, tarp, big ball, deep snow, trails, dogs, man made obstacles and loud noise are just a normal day at work for Hope. With older working lines and a true smokey black (colour tested), Hope would also be an asset to a breeding program. Imagine yourself on the back of this solid mare, confident, and relaxed. She is a true pleasure and is waiting on her  family to love!

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Located near Viking AB Canada