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CRTWH  Registered
Tennessee Walking Horse
15 years old
15 hands
$5800 plus GST

The first thing most people notice about Harvest Moon is the substantial build she has. Her chest is deep and wide, her shoulders are large and strong. Her stature screams mountain horse. Her legs have the bone to back up the build up top. Moon has a big engine, she is ready and willing to do whatever her rider asks her to do. Moon is best suited for an experienced rider. She does not buck, bolt or rear, but she is a big presence who could be very intimidating to a beginner or a child. For someone who is experienced, loves to ride, cover miles and build a partnership with their horse. . . . . . 

Coming soon! Pictures and video will be posted as the horses progress in our program. 

LL's Ginger Spice
LL's Ginger Spice