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CRTWH & TWHBEA Registered
Tennessee Walker
15.2 hands

Bless My Bloomers (Ultra's Major Threat x Pretty In Platinum) has been shown successfully in both English and Western 3-gait classes, bringing home many firsts for us. She has also a seasoned mountain horse and endurance horse. She has a beautiful rocking chair canter and a ground covering walk. ​Bloom is a wonderful mother and passes her gentle disposition on to her foals.

Bloom's offspring:

Saga (Name That Tune)

Della The Druid (Canadian On Parole)

MDR Young Gun Yuma (pending)

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CRTWH & TWHBEA Registered
Tennessee Walker
16 Hands


MGW Full Throttle Freda (Red Zepplin x Sippin' Chocolate) is the tallest of our broodmares at 16 hands. Freda is a gentle girl with an easy going, born broke mentality. She loves her people, she's curious and has a natural easy gait. Freda was lightly started as a 3-year-old and after spending the winter growing up, she will be working towards her PFE Bronze, Silver and Gold with the CRTWH. Freda is safe in foal to Uphill Heir Trigger for a 2023 foal.

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CRTWH & TWHBEA Registered
Tennessee Walker

14.3 Hands


Sparrow (Champion's Gold x Label of Praise) is one of those horses we were happy to buy back at the first opportunity. Not only is she beautiful and talented, but she has that 'bombproof' demeanor that we want imprinted on her foals. Sparrow is not overly tall with a strong stocky build. She has a smooth, easy gait and a beautiful canter. Sparrow can be left in the pasture for months and pick up right where she left off. Sparrow is safe in foal to LL's Canadian Red Rascal for a 2023 foal.

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CRHA Registered
Colorado Ranger

15 Hands


TOG Irish Penny is a beautiful, feminine mare with endurance, brains and a love of life. Ranger is playful, sweet and easy to handle. We bought her as a project in 2020 but she is determined to stay with us. Ranger has beautiful movement to match her disposition. Her colour is always changing so it's hard to say what she is exactly. In the summer she roans out with some white spots across her coat, even though she is registered as solid.

Sedona (Crosshairs Lonesome Junior)

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TWHBEA & CRTWH registered
Tennessee Walker

15 hands


Rain (Dude's Ragtime Man x Charmers Touch of Poison) is probably one of the sweetest horses on the property. She loves to rest her head in your arms and close her eyes, it gets me every time. Rain is a big moving mare with a pretty head and strong conformation. She has that Ragtime attitude in the pasture, but she is as quiet and easygoing as can be with us.

Rain's offspring:

MDR Westworld (pending)

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Missouri Fox Trotter

14 hands


Mazakeen, aka Maze, is a champagne Missouri Fox Trotter mare with a great pedigree. She comes from a long line of horses bred for their colour and gait. Her dam was registered but not DNA verified so Maze is not eligible for registration with MFTHBA. Maze demonstrates a beautiful example of a fox trot. She also has a gorgeous canter and flat walk. No need to hold her in gait, she does it all on her own. Maze is safe in foal to Crosshairs Lonesome Junior for a 2023 mule foal.