Missouri Fox Trotter

4 years old

14 hands

Price: $8,500

Baby Duck is a 4-year-old champagne Missouri Fox Trotter mare with a great pedigree. She comes from a long line of horses bred for their colour and gait. Baby Duck demonstrates a beautiful example of a fox trot. She also has a gorgeous canter and flat walk. Baby Duck is one of the smoothest horses you’ll ever ride. No need to hold her in gait, she does it all on her own. She has been exposed to gunfire, cows, wildlife, dogs, water, bridges, you name it. We started Baby Duck in January of 2020. By early spring, our young apprentice started riding her. She has taken this young mare to the Panther for four days. Baby Duck is not spooky or silly on the trail. She will ride in the front or the back. She has been ridden on group trail rides and alone. Baby Duck has started to neck rein. She side passes and leg yields. This young mare also canters on command and picks up both leads. She is easy to catch and good for the farrier. Missouri Fox Trotters can be hard to come by in this province; here's a chance to save yourself the hassle of buying across the border.  Baby Duck is young, well trained, talented with a great mind and many, many years ahead of her. Get your champagne ready because you will be zipping down the trails in style on this smooth mare!

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Located near Viking AB Canada